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- Welding neck flanges - WNRF Welding neck flanges - WNRF

Welding Neck Flanges are designed to be butt welded to the pipe. The long tapered hub reinforces the flange, permits stress- relieving and removes the flange face from the heat affected zone. The form of welding neck flanges with conical neck sloping down from welding point to flange is most recommended to be employed in all the most severe fields with most dangerous fluids.

- Slip-on Flanges – SORF Slip-on Flanges – SORF

These flanges are recommended for their use in quick assembly, cost saving & in cases where extreme precision in length of pipe sections is not recommended.

- Lap Joint Flanges – LJFF Lap Joint Flanges – LJFF

These flanges, having their principle use when there is need of a quick assembly & disassembly of pipe sections with limited working pressure. They are put onto a flanged pipe or a flanged nozzle which is welded onto the pipe head. With the possibility of turning the flange keeping the flange still, they make assembly & disassembly of large sized pipes much easier, because the problem of alignment between holes for bolts is eliminated.

- Threaded Flanges Threaded Flanges

These flanges are usually used for special requirements. Their advantage is the possibility to work under considerably high temperatures & pressures.
Threaded Flanges are widely used because no welding equipment is required for assembly and both the pipe and flange can be completely salvaged upon dismantling. Accurately cut, clean, tapered pipe thread dimensioned to ANSI A2.1 Pipe threads assure strong, tight joints.

- Blind Flanges – BLRF Blind Flanges – BLRF

Normally used to stop one end of a flanged pipe or a valve orifice or the opening of pressure vessel

- Socket Weld Flanges – SWRF Socket Weld Flanges – SWRF

These flanges are substitute to slip-on flanges (particularly for small nominal diameters & for rather high working pressures) when a greater flow continuity is required without loss of force.

- Orifice Flanges Orifice Flanges

These flanges are used in pairs & between them; there is a disk with a calibrated hole to measure the flow of liquid at a certain point in a pipe. They have two radial holes situated at 180deg for the insertion of pressure gauges, which are usually stopped by threaded plugs.

Dimensional standard
Size Range

ASME / ANSI / B16.5

1/2" - 24"

CL150 - CL2500

ASME / ANSI / B16.36

1" -24"

CL150 - CL2500

DIN / EN1092

10NB - 600NB

PN6 - PN250


1/2" - 24"

Table D,E,F,H,J,K,S


1/2" - 24"



We also manufacture flanges as per specific customer drawings.


For ring type flanges where bore diameter is more as compared to outside diameter of flange, we have alternate capacity to prepare flanges from flat rolling.

To avoid wastage, flats are rolled edge-wise to manufacture rings. Rings are manufactured by fusion welding (no external material is added to the welded joint) & then rings are machined to required size.


We also manufacture different machined components such as shaft couplings; hatch rods, MS levers used is material handling equipments & switchgears.

We can develop any such components which require forging & machining facility.


Gaskets are manufactured by Forging or Rolling and then they are machined as per standard requirements. Surface coating is done as per customer requirements.